Gender on the Motor Vehicle Register

Gender recorded on the application form

When you complete some application forms for motor vehicle registration transactions, you may be asked to write your gender on the form. Section 59(1)(f) of the Land Transport (Motor Vehicle Registration and Licensing) Regulations 2011 allows for any information relating to a registered person to be collected, as may be required.

Previously, we’ve only had options for Male and Female on these motor vehicle forms.

We’re now transitioning to a text field so you can write whatever gender you identify with.

Gender recorded in the Motor Vehicle Register

While the form will now have a text field for you to write your gender, there are limited options for gender in the Motor Vehicle Register. The Motor Vehicle Register only has the options Male, Female or Gender Diverse.

If you write anything other than Male or Female on the application form, it will be recorded in the Motor Vehicle Register as Gender Diverse.