Step 4: Importing

Having completed steps 1 to 3, it's a good time to double check that you have all the information and documentation required for when the vehicle arrives. You also need to arrange for an entry certifier to perform the entry certification inspection.

Entry certifiers

All motor vehicles entering New Zealand must pass an entry certification inspection before they can be registered for use on New Zealand roads. To arrange for this inspection you need to contact an approved entry certifier.

Meeting other requirements

From 1 December 2022, if you’re importing a light vehicle, you must hold a Clear Car Standard CO2 account, where the CO2 emission rating of your vehicle will be recorded and determine whether a charge is to be paid or a credit earned. Without this information, vehicles cannot complete entry to New Zealand and be registered. 

More information on Clean Car Standard

Your vehicle will need to pass biosecurity and customs checks before it arrives in New Zealand. Make sure you have the necessary documentation, such as evidence that you're emigrating here if you're seeking exemptions to certain requirements.

For more information on these requirement see:

More information

Contact us if you still have any questions to do with importing your vehicle.

Download Factsheet 44: Importing a motor vehicle