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Exemption from paying levies (exempt Class B)

Exempt Class B vehicles are exempt from the payment of some levies and charges such as ACC levies and fuel excise and excise equivalent duty. These include some farm vehicles:

  • motor vehicles (not trailers) used solely for agricultural operations or for getting from one part of the farm to another

  • tractors used solely for agricultural operation or in conjunction with road construction or maintenance

  • tractors used to cart milk from the farm to dairy factory or to transport farm produce or supplies from one part of the farm to another

  • tractors used to load fertiliser and cart fuel for topdressing

  • mobile machinery such as airport runway sweepers, stationary log haulers

  • other vehicles including self-propelled grass mowers, forklifts, traction engines.

See our Agricultural vehicles guide for more information.

Factsheet 27: Exempt vehicles from registration and licensing [PDF, 58 KB]