Exemption from paying registration and licensing fees (exempt Class A)

Exempt Class A vehicles have to be registered and licensed, but you don't have to pay the registration fee or the vehicle licence portion of the licensing fee.

You still have to pay for the other fees and levies included in the total licensing fee (eg the ACC levy and the fees for number plates).

Exempt Class A vehicles are:

  • a pedestrian-controlled goods service vehicle

  • a motor vehicle propelled and supported solely by self-laying tracks

  • an all-terrain vehicle

  • a logging truck or logging trailer that is:
    • unladen (isn't carrying logs), and
    • only used on a road while being taken directly to an appropriate place for inspection, servicing or repair, or to get evidence of vehicle inspection
  • any mobile machinery* used on roads only in road construction zones, in accordance with notices declaring those zones.

*Mobile machinery:

  • means a motor vehicle designed and used primarily for earthmoving or constructing and maintaining roads, bridges, ditches, or buildings
  • includes an off-road dump truck
  • excludes any motor vehicle designed primarily for carrying passengers or goods, including those that have had machinery added onto them.

Factsheet 27: Vehicles exempt from registration and licensing [PDF, 58 KB]