Minimum 3 months
Maximum 12 months


If you’re not going to use your vehicle on the road for at least 3 months in a row, you can (and should) apply for an exemption from licensing. You can also have someone else apply on your behalf.

This is also known as putting your vehicle licence (rego) on hold.

There's no admin fee to put your vehicle on hold. 

How to get an exemption

Apply online

You'll need your:

  • New Zealand driver licence
  • plate number
  • credit/debit card or internet banking details.

Apply for an exemption online

Apply at an agent

If online isn't an option for you, you can fill out a Put your vehicle licence (rego) on hold form (MR24) at one of our agents.

Find an agent in your area

Pay your licensing fees

If your licence or exemption has been expired for 60 days or more and the vehicle is subject to continuous vehicle licensing, you’ll need to pay licensing fees.

When to apply for an exemption

You should apply in advance. It will take effect from when your current licence (or existing exemption) expires.

If the vehicle isn't licensed, the exemption will start from the application date.

When your exemption expires

You'll need to:

If you don't, we'll send you reminders letting you know your exemption has expired and what you need to do.

How long you can have an exemption

There’s a maximum of 12 months for an exemption period, but you can apply for another exemption when your current exemption is due to expire soon.

There's a minimum of three months for an exemption period.

If you want to use your vehicle on the road during the exemption period

You must license it before you use it on the road.

If you license your vehicle within the first 3 months of your exemption period, the licence will start from the expiry date of the previous licence/exemption, or when the vehicle was put into your name (whichever is the most recent).

Download Factsheet 49: Vehicle licensing