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RUC refunds are made by direct credit into your New Zealand bank account.


Refunds of road user charges may be payable in a variety of circumstances, for example:

Refunds are made via direct credit to your nominated New Zealand bank account. If a bank account number is not provided, your refund will be delayed as we will need to contact you to get this information.

When distance is travelled off-road

You can apply for a refund for any distance travelled off-road.

  • Your total claim must be for $20 or more.
  • Claims can only be submitted on RUC licences that have expired i.e. all distance covered by that licence has been used, or if the vehicle has been sold or deregistered.
  • Off-road claims must be received within two years of the issue date of the RUC licence which the claim is for.
  • Records of the off-road distance must be maintained and made available on request. These records must be sufficient to validate the claim.

Definition of off-road

Off-road travel is defined as distance travelled when the RUC vehicle was not used on a road or was used on a road that the RUC collector/NZ Transport Agency is satisfied is not maintained by public funds.

To apply:

  1. Fill out the RUCOR application form [PDF, 112 KB] [PDF, 112 KB]. You can complete the form online and save it for emailing or printing. Ensure all fields of the application form are completed including your email address and bank account details for the refund.
  2. Send your form to us via email or post:


    NZ Transport Agency
    RUC Assessments
    Private Bag 11777
    Palmerston North 4442

Please allow up to 10 working days from the date we receive your application to be processed. Note: posted applications may take longer based on delivery timing.

Vehicle operators must keep records of all distance travelled off-road. Records of off-road travel must be retained for a period of two years from date of application for a refund. Note: There is no criteria for the type of records that must be kept, however, an officer authorised by the NZ Transport Agency must be satisfied as to where, when and how much distance was travelled off-road.

All off-road refund applications are subject to audit, and records can be requested/sighted by an authorised officer at any time.

Unused distance due to hubodometer change

If an unexpired licence has been replaced due to a change of hubodometer, be sure your RUCHO (change of hubodometer) application includes the hubodometer reading at the time the hubodometer was found to be unserviceable and the odometer reading (for powered vehicles only). If the hubodometer is lost or stolen, include a calculated estimate of what the reading would have been at the time of loss or theft.

Applications for a change of hubodometer should be made as soon as the old hubodometer has been replaced and a replacement licence has been purchased. The RUCHO form is available from RUC agents when completing the transaction over the counter or from the RUC Contact Centre.

When a vehicle is permanently destroyed, exported or cancelled

Refunds may be granted after the vehicle’s registration has been cancelled.

To cancel the vehicle’s registration, visit a Transport Agency agent(external link) with the vehicle’s number plates and complete an application to cancel registration (MR15) form. The MR15 requires the current reading of your distance recorder (odometer or hubodometer) to be recorded at the time the vehicle is cancelled.