New Zealand is on a journey towards a low carbon, safe and healthy land transport system. In our towns and cities, this journey will require both local and central government to adapt our transport system and urban development settings so that it’s easy for people to choose different ways to get around. We have a renewed focus on integrating our land use and transport decisions, providing high-quality transport choices and managing demand wisely.

Waka Kotahi partnered with LGNZ to deliver Urban Mobility and Liveable Cities – a webinar course for elected officials in urban areas. The course is designed to introduce some of the fundamental principles of urban mobility for safer, cleaner and healthier towns and cities. It was developed following feedback from the sector that capability building at the local governance level is a priority – to help build strategic leadership for the challenging urban transformations we’re looking to deliver over the coming decade.

Sessions include guest speakers sharing their perspectives on leading change in this area.


Urban Form

Healthy Streets

Public Transport

System Change