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An example of search results

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Case studies and trials

Guidance and specifications

Access control devices on paths: design guidance note
When using access control devices such as bollards or other end of path treatments on shared paths, for example to restrict access by other vehicles, the placement of the device is very important in terms of path user safety. The devices need to be conspicuous and may require supporting pavement marking.
18 Dec 2020

Buffered advance stop box: design guidance note
Many heavy vehicles have significant blind spots around the cab. To improve the visibility of cyclists to these drivers, a buffered advance stop box (ASB) may be used. Buffered ASBs should be considered at locations that have an annual average daily traffic (AADT) count of >300 heavy vehicles.
18 Dec 2020

Rule changes
A list of recent changes to cycling-related rules contained in the Land Transport (Road User) Rule 2004 and the Traffic Control Devices Rule. Includes intersection-related rules affecting cyclists, cycling on footpaths and overtaking gaps.
7 Dec 2020

Tactical urbanism handbook
As part of the Innovating Streets programme, a draft handbook of guidance for tactical urbanism projects is now available.
6 Aug 2020

Advisory shoulders
An advisory shoulder, also known as a 2-1 (‘two minus one’) lane layout is a single with shoulders on either side for cyclists and e-scooter riders in urban areas, and also pedestrians and equestrians in rural areas.
31 Jul 2020

Separated cycleways
New concept design considerations are added: Width of facility and Type of separator/protection
31 Jul 2020

Choice of separator or protection
Considerations when choosing the type of separation device next to a cycleway.
31 Jul 2020

Cycling technical notes

Technical note #2: Separated cycleways guidance note [PDF, 2.4 MB]
This tech note has been updated. Discusses considerations at priority-controlled side roads and possible crossing alignments at side streets.
10 Aug 2020

Technical note #4: Buffered cycle lane design [PDF, 2 MB]
The decision to implement buffered cycle lanes depends on many factors (both high-level and site-specific), one of which is carriageway width.
10 Aug 2020