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Christchurch has a strong commitment to generating a significant modal shift to cycling through its Major Cycleway programme. This programme is planned to provide an extensive and connected cycleway network comprising 13 major cycleways through the city at a total cost of approximately $156m over the next seven years, with local cycleways providing access to the major routes. Innovative network design will provide safer cycling route options, assist with the recovery of the city, and encourage more active travel to work, to schools and to shops for the people of Christchurch. The council is currently considering its commitment to this programme as part of its long term plan and there is strong community support for the programme.

The Christchurch Major Cycleway network will be made up of safe cycle routes. They will be constructed using the council’s recently adopted Cycleway design guide which requires cyclists to be separated from traffic lanes on busy roads. Wherever possible, routes will be constructed off-road or in very low volume streets where the car speed will be reduced.

User demand for the Christchurch Major Cycleway network has been estimated for both work and education commuters. It is anticipated that recreational cyclists could substantially increase use of these facilities.

The Urban Cycleways Fund will contribute to seven of the proposed cycleway projects that connect into the CBD along four primary corridors. These are routes where a significant increase in demand is forecast. It will also accelerate the Waimakariri cycling network, linking the urban areas of Rangiora, Kaiapoi and Woodend.

Wider investment in Christchurch will also be made to progress the coastal pathway that links the city to Sumner. Supporting the infrastructure programmes will be education and promotional programmes to encourage more people to cycle more often, more safely.

Christchurch City Urban Cycleways Projects

Papanui Parallel
Northern Line Cycleway
Little River Link
Quarryman's Trail
Heathcote Expressway
Rapanui–Shag Rock Cycleway

Waimakariri Urban Cycleways Projects

Rangiora to Woodend
Rangiora to Kaiapoi - incl Southbrook Links