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Cycling in Palmerston North contributes to improving transport options, providing a more efficient and integrated transport network, improving health, economic and social outcomes and city liveability.

Due to its flat terrain and existing on-road cycle network, Palmerston North has one of the highest rates of commuter cycling in New Zealand. With a regional goal of being ‘the best place to ride a bike,’ significant investment is planned over the next three years to complete key connections on the cycle network.

The Urban Cycleways Fund will accelerate a new pedestrian and cycle bridge that links the main residential areas and CBD with Linton Military Camp, the Crown Research Institutes and Massey University, south of the Manawatu River. It will also contribute to two underpassess, connecting the Mangaone shared path.

Wider investment is also planned for an off-road shared path between Palmerston North and Feilding, Summer Hill Drive safety improvements, Park Road cycle improvements and the completion of on-road cycle lanes on Main Street East and Main Street West. In partnership with the NZ Police and Sport Manawatu, any infrastructure improvements will be supported by the Bikes in Schools programme.

Download the Palmerston North Urban Cycleways map [PDF, 920 KB]

For the latest project updates visit the Palmerston North City Council website.(external link)

2015–2018 projects

Manawatu River Bridge and shared path

This project will provide a new 6.6km off-road cycle path and bridge over the Manawatu River, linking Linton Military Camp, the Crown Research Institutes and Massey University to the CBD and main residential areas.

Supported jointly by the council, Powerco, Massey University and Linton Military Camp, this will connect the major employment, educational and residential areas with the existing cycle network.


This new bridge and shared path will provide a safer and direct cycling route option for residents, over 6000 workers and over 7000 students to access work and educational centres south of the river. The cycling facilities will help to encourage people to choose to cycle, with sections of the route providing safer access away from the high speed traffic along the state highway. This project is expected to attract over 1000 people each day.

Read(external link) more information about this path on the Palmerston North City Council website.

Mangaone underpass

Two underpasses will complete the Mangaone shared path network, providing access to schools and residential areas west of the city.


These underpasses will provide an alternative and safer route for cyclists that avoids two major road crossings along the Mangaone shared path network. This will improve the connectivity of the route, and encourage more people to choose to cycle to schools (with around 1400 students) and suburbs along this route. These facilities are expected to attract around 200 people each day.

2014–2015 project

Download the January 2015 launch factsheet for Longburn Cycleway [PDF, 564 KB]

Our partners

Palmerston North City Council