As well as focusing on the transport benefits of cycling, Whāngārei has a strong focus on the contribution cycling can make to the health and wellbeing of its residents through increased physical activity. Its vision is for ‘a district where walking or cycling are easy, safe and enjoyable everywhere in the public domain, are the preferred means of access and are a lifestyle or tourist attraction’.

The Urban Cycleways Fund  has accelerated the completion of the Kamo route flagship project, the final corridor in the primary cycle network.

This 6.5km off-road route provides safer access to most of the schools in Whāngārei, and follows the existing rail corridor that runs north/south through the area.

It also provides a connection for residential areas north of the city through to the Whāngārei CBD, the Auckland University Campus, and off-road links to key recreational areas such as Kensington Park.

The Kamo route completes the three primary routes of the Whāngārei cycleway network. Working in partnership with Bike Northland and ‘Bikes in Schools’, this key infrastructure encourages more children to cycle to school by providing safe access for over 5200 students who attend schools within 500m of the new facility.

The route separates cyclists from high-volume traffic and reduces pressure on State Highway 1 by providing an alternative off-road transport choice. This cycleway attracts over 600 people a day.


Download the Whāngārei Urban Cycleways Map [PDF, 858 KB]

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