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This guide provides all the information you need to help your workplace better provide for, and encourage, people on bikes.


Find out more on the benefits of workplaces encouraging their people to ride bikes.


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About this guide 

New Zealand has embarked on a cycling revolution. The benefits are many – healthier people, less congestion, reduced carbon emissions, to name but three. Businesses and other organisations have a key role to play.

This online guide provides all the key information to help your workplace better provide for people on bikes.

Whether your workplace is just starting out or already provides well for people on bikes, this guide will help you, from the basics of providing good bike storage, to providing fleet bikes for your staff.

Whether you’re responsible for your organisation’s health and well-being programme, or its sustainability (corporate social responsibility programme) or its travel demand management work, then this guide should be useful to you.  And, of course, if you’re a cycling enthusiast keen to get your organisation to ‘do more’, this guide should help you ‘nudge’ them in the right direction.

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