As part of the National Land Transport Programme (NLTP), we invest in public transport infrastructure and services provided by approved organisations (regional councils and territorial authorities).

Regions prepare regional land transport plans setting out what the objectives and priorities for the region are and what transport activities they would like funded. We assess these bids using the Investment Assessment Framework to determine what activities will be funded and put together the NLTP.

An ongoing focus of our investment is achieving best value for money.

Public transport fares and farebox recovery policy

Our National farebox recovery policy is designed to encourage a focus on efficiency and to determine, on a council-by-council basis, what constitutes an equitable sharing of costs between public transport users, ratepayers and road users. The policy sets out our expectations for regional farebox recovery policies developed by regional councils as part of their Regional Public Transport Plan. It provides advice on meeting statutory requirements as well as examples of good practice, and shows how the plan process can be used to add value to regional councils' public transport planning and management functions.

We also provide guidance for regional councils to use in making decisions around fare setting. 

Providing public transport infrastructure on the state highway network

We develop state highway infrastructure to support the operation of effective bus services. This includes providing bus priority lanes and bus stops on the state highway network.

We are also the road controlling authority for Auckland’s Northern Busway.