To support the Public Transport Design Guidance, we are developing a range of public transport related webinars, training courses and other resources. These resources aim to help keep the transport sector informed on the latest best practice advice. Some of these resources may also be useful to provide further information to the community and elected members.

  • Waka Kotahi training webinars
    Title Description Date of webinar
    Supporting harmony when bus, bike, and walking infrastructure meet(external link) (video)

    This webinar will take a deep dive into the relevant national design guidance for public transport, cycling and walking particularly near bus stops. We’ll look at applied examples to workshop, and set you up to successfully apply best practice design guidance on the ground.

    Topics include:

    • Bus lane widths and bicycles
    • Bus stop bypass fundamentals
    • On-road cycle lane design by the bus stop
    • Shared path integration
    • In-lane/in-line bus stop DOs and DON’Ts
    • Relevant research and applied examples
    September 2023 
    Multi-modal intersections webinar(external link) (video)

    This webinar is designed to inform the industry on the latest New Zealand guidance on intersection planning and design particularly for people walking, cycling and using public transport. Some of the topics covered include:

    • General intersection principles and for the different modes
    • Intersection selection and the One Network Framework
    • Intersection type details
      • Uncontrolled and priority controlled
      • Signalised
      • Roundabouts
    February 2023

    Bus stop planning and design webinar(external link) (video)

    This webinar is designed to inform the industry on the latest New Zealand guidance on the planning and design of bus stops. Some of the topics covered include:

    • Bus stop location planning
    • Bus stop capacity fundamentals
    • Bus stop design including; design principles and parameters, bus stop components (accessibility features, shelters, etc.), layout options, integration with cycling
    • Bus stop implementation, operations, and maintenance

    December 2022

    Introduction to multi-modal guidance training(external link) (video)

    This webinar introduces the suite of multi-modal guidance now available in New Zealand including any recent updates, and how they fit with other guides and frameworks such as the One Network Framework. The multi-modal guidance include:

    • Aotearoa Urban Street Planning and Design Guide
    • Pedestrian Network Guidance (PNG)
    • Public Transport Design Guidance (PTDG)
    • Cycling Network Guidance (CNG).
      • This is the first in series that will provide training on various multi-modal topics over the coming year.

    August 2022

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  • Other Waka Kotahi training webinars



    Date of webinar

    Pedestrian planning and design webinar
    (external link)

    This webinar is designed to introduce the transport industry on the latest guidance now available in New Zealand on planning for pedestrians. Some of the topics covered include:

    • SOS principles
    • Walkability
    • Pedestrian network characteristics
    • Measuring and monitoring.

    November 2022

    Pedestrian and cycle crossing at midblock locations(external link) (video)

    This webinar is designed to introduce the transport industry to the latest crossings guidance now available in New Zealand including recent updates. After introducing the broad planning principles involved in assessing a crossing location, we will discuss design aspects of different mid-block crossing types.

    September 2022

    Pedestrian planning and design update(external link)

    This webinar provided an update on the development of the PNG, but also provided training on the following:

    • Disability sector collaboration for inclusive design
    • Safe obvious step free: principles for inclusive places
    • Pedestrian level of service tool.

    October 2020 

    Tactile indicator installation webinar (external link) (video)

    This webinar provides recommended practice to designers and contractors carrying out the installation of tactile pavers. It features insights from a blind person in terms of how important the tactile pavers are.

    October 2020 

    Urban mobility and liveable cities -webinar series


    Waka Kotahi partnered with LGNZ to deliver Urban Mobility and Liveable Cities – a webinar course for elected officials in urban areas. The course is designed to introduce some of the fundamental principles of urban mobility for safer, cleaner and healthier towns and cities. It was developed following feedback from the sector that capability building at the local governance level is a priority – to help build strategic leadership for the challenging urban transformations we’re looking to deliver over the coming decade. Sessions include guest speakers sharing their perspectives on leading change in this area.

    August 2020 

    How to talk about urban mobility and transport shift

    This webinar provides a theoretically driven, evidence-led framework so we can understand how to: improve people’s understanding, based on best evidence, of why a shift in transport modalities away from cars and towards active and public transport is needed, help people designing and leading the shift to have better conversations with the public and motivate people to act in support of these shifts.

    April 2020 

    Safe walking and cycling treatments for intersections and crossings

    This webinar introduces some of the current state-of-the-art thinking around these safety measures for our active modes. Learning objectives include: Understanding the safety effects of different intersection/crossing measures for walking and cycling, Learning what safety measures are now more easily available for implementation via the Transport Agency’s Standard safety interventions toolkit and Innovating Streets programme and demonstrating lessons learned through recent case studies of intersection/crossing treatments around New Zealand.

    December 2019 

    Monitoring walking and cycling

    This webinar introduces the tools and techniques for monitoring walking and cycling that are rapidly evolving. Many councils still rely on basic counting technologies or manual methods, but these methods can have high error rates or collection durations that are insufficient for year-on-year trend analysis.

    August 2019 

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  • Waka Kotahi training courses




    Bus Infrastructure Design Workshop

    This two-day practical workshop introduces all the Public Transport Design Guidance topics to support the design of high-quality, people-focused bus infrastructure. Live examples are used to understand what best practice looks like and trouble-shoot issues that can arise.

    Cost: $975+GST

    View the flyer for details [PDF, 250 KB]

    Register for this workshop

    21-22 November 2023 Rydges Latimer, Christchurch
    Urban Street Design Workshops This workshop focuses on the design of good streets and is run over two days. It is an interactive session with groups assigned a street design project that they progress over the two days. To be advised
    Safe System Workshop This workshop is run over 5 days and covers the principles of the Safe System and goes into the detail of how this applied to various modes including pedestrians. Technical services workshops
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