Walking education resources

These resources aim to help everyone in the school community contribute to safe road use.

Use these resources in conjunction with the skills, insights and expertise of parents and whānau, students, school staff, police officers, and local authorities.

Road safety information for families

Here’s what parents, whānau and caregivers need to know to help teach children about staying safe on roads and near railways.

Teacher resources

Teacher and school resources including curriculum resources, policy and practices, and resources for school community partnerships.

School traffic safety teams

The School Traffic Safety Team Manual is the guide for New Zealand schools operating school patrols, school wardens or bus wardens.

Useful videos

The Point of View videos provide ‘real-life’ video snippets of New Zealand students walking to and from school.

Scooter safety tips

This presentation can help young people, their families and teachers learn how to travel safe by scooter.

Skateboard and bike tips

These presentations help young people, their families and teachers learn how to travel safely by skateboard.

School travel plans

A safe school travel plan provides an opportunity for parents, caregivers, schools and the community to work together to improve safety.

Walking school bus

All the resources you need for setting up a walking school bus at your school.

Feet First

The Feet First resources provide learning experiences for teacher-directed inquiry around the context of walking as a type of active travel.