Approved course providers

There are only two approved advanced driving courses in New Zealand that can reduce the time you have to hold your restricted car licence before you can get a full car licence. These are:

Defensive driving course

The defensive driving course is available throughout New Zealand. It is provided by trainers who are affiliated to the AA (New Zealand Automobile Association) Driving School.

AA Driving School link)
0800 223 748

Street Talk

Street Talk courses are offered through the New Zealand Institute of Driver Educators (NZIDE). They can be contacted at:

New Zealand Institute of Driver Educators (NZIDE) link)
0800 STREET TALK (787338)

Advanced driving courses teach you important skills for driving

Advanced driving courses are designed to help you identify and avoid or handle potential hazards you may encounter while driving. 

They teach skills that can help reduce the likelihood of you being involved in a crash, such as eye scanning while driving, hazard detection and risk management. 

Passing an approved advanced driving course can:

  • reduce the minimum age for a full car licence (from 18 years to 17½ years), and
  • reduce the time you need to stay on a restricted car licence (by either three or six months depending on your age). 

You can do an approved driving course once you have got your learner or restricted car licence.

Approved driving courses may also count towards an NZQA qualification. 

Waka Kotahi does not administer driving courses. We advise you check the course you are undertaking is relevant to what you want to achieve, eg if you want to reduce the time you need to hold a restricted car licence, attend one of the courses listed above.

Refer to the competency-based training and assessment (CBTA) page if you are looking for information to reduce the time it takes you to gain your restricted and/or full motorcycle licence.

Download Factsheet 66: Driver licensing courses for licence classes and endorsements [PDF, 237 KB]