Phishing scams

If you were impacted by the Latitude Financial Services data incident and received a letter/email from them to update some details using a Waka Kotahi link, we can confirm this is a genuine request. Please follow the instructions provided by Latitude.
We're experiencing high volumes of reports due to a large-scale phishing campaign that is targeting New Zealanders. We appreciate your patience as we work through these reports.

A phishing scam is an email, call or text from someone pretending to be us. They’ll try to get your personal information (like your driver licence number or credit card details). They may trick you into paying for something that seems legitimate, like your vehicle licence (rego).

If you’ve received any communication from us that you think is suspicious, please let us know immediately.

Report a phishing scam form

We can confirm if it’s legitimate or a scam. The sooner we know about it, the faster we can act to protect you and everyone else.