A clearway forward for Curletts Road


Nearly four years of manoeuvring through traffic cones for users of State highway 73 (SH73) Curletts Road in Christchurch end this Tuesday, 3 June with the opening of clearways, to ease congestion and improve traffic flows along this busy road.

The $1.8M project was built by Hawkins Infrastructure who started on the job in January this year.

Transport Agency Highway Manager Colin Knaggs says once temporary traffic management equipment is moved from the site this weekend, the clearway signs and markings become valid. However, because the clearway doesn’t operate during weekends or public holidays, they won’t become operational until Tuesday 3 June 2015.

The clearways will operate as traffic lanes during weekday mornings (7am to 9am) and evenings (3.30pm to 6pm) peak travel times, meaning no parking on Curletts Road from Blenheim Road to Main South Road during these times.

Colin Knaggs says the Christchurch City Council parking team and the Police will enforce no parking in clearways during these periods, with traffic cameras also running to check the clearways are free of parked vehicles. If a vehicle is found parked in the Curletts Road clearways when they are in use, it may be towed and the owners fined. For the first few weeks of operation, parking enforcement will focus on Curletts Road to ensure everyone remembers the clearways are now operating.

Flush medians, which are white diagonal lines painted down the centre of the road serve a number of purposes. These include; providing wider separation between traffic on either side of the road, giving pedestrians more room to wait when crossing the road and create a refuge for vehicles turning in and out of side roads or driveways.

Mr Knaggs says the Curletts Road flush median will also allow vehicles to safely move into and slow down when turning into a side road or driveway, without disrupting traffic flows. Drivers using these medians should always indicate, watch for pedestrians and other vehicles that may be using the median.

Hawkins Infrastructure project manager Ben Whitham says his team is proud to have delivered a project that is such an important element of the Christchurch roading infrastructure. We would especially like to thank local residents along the road for their patience and understanding during the six month construction period.

A shared facility will be available, so pedestrians and cyclists can access properties along Curletts Road, while through cyclists are encouraged to use Hanson’s Lane.

For the latest highway information go to www.highwayinfo.govt.nz(external link) or Freephone 0800 44 44 49