Avoid evening peak for North Harbour RWC 2011 game


The NZ Transport Agency anticipates traffic will be heavy on the Northern Motorway (State Highway 1) and on streets surrounding Auckland's North Harbour Stadium for Friday night's RWC 2011 game between Samoa and South Africa.

Although traffic usually starts flowing more freely from 5.30pm after the commuter peak on a Friday, the number of vehicles on the motorway could remain high as fans head to the stadium for the 8.30 start, says the NZTA's State Highways Manager for Auckland and Northland, Tommy Parker.

"We would ask people on both sides of harbour to consider using buses to get to and from the stadium," Mr Parker says. "If fans do choose to drive, they should allow extra time to avoid the risk of being delayed."

Mr Parker reminds drivers going to the stadium that they will need to exit the motorway at the Greville Road interchange. Buses will be using the Oteha Valley Road exit. The NZTA will use the motorway's electronic signs to keep drivers informed of traffic conditions, and tow trucks remain on standby near the Auckland Harbour Bridge to respond quickly to clear any vehicles blocking motorway traffic.

Since RWC 2011 began, the tow trucks have been in action on three separate occasions when there have been games at North Harbour or Eden Park to clear the motorways quickly of vehicles that have either broken down or been involved in crashes.

"Their prompt response reinforces the NZTA's commitment to do everything we can to keep traffic moving and ensure fans enjoy what promises to be a great game," Mr Parker says.

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