Cyclists reminded to check bike lights with shorter days ahead


With the end of Daylight Saving and winter not far away, the NZ Transport Agency is reminding cyclists to check their lights, be bright and be seen on the road this autumn.

cyclists reminded to check bike lights

Transport Agency National Cycling Manager Dougal List says following recent rules change introduced in December 2016, bike lights must now be visible from 200 metres, and be used from sunset to dawn. 

“One of the best ways for people on bikes to improve their own safety is to make sure that drivers can seem them easily. We encourage people riding bikes to invest in good quality lights that are visible from 200m at all times, from both the front and rear. It’s also a good idea to wear bright clothing with reflective material.”

Mr List says that while most lights on the market today will be visible from 200m when the batteries are fresh or well charged, it’s important for cyclists to check lights regularly and replace or recharge batteries as soon the lights start to dim.

The Transport Agency is also urging motorists to be on the lookout for cyclists, especially when visibility is poor, around dusk, at dawn and in bad weather.

“Cyclists need to take responsibility for their own safety by ensuring they can be seen and are riding safely for the conditions, but it’s also important for drivers to take extra care at these times and look for people on bikes.

“Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Let’s make sure we look out for each other on the roads.”

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