Debris clearance from Waitaki Bridges near Kurow


The NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) says work will be carried out tomorrow, Saturday 26 February, to remove flood debris from up to 20 piers on the Waitaki Bridges on SH82 near Kurow.

NZTA Highway Operations Manager Pete Connors says the work will mean the closure of the bridges for short periods throughout the day, in order to allow access for the specialised machinery needed for the work to be carried out. The bridge will be opened for five minutes on the hour and half hour throughout the day to allow traffic through.

“River levels are now low enough for this work to be done safely. Specialised logging equipment will be used to reach over the bridge to release debris, including branches and small trees that have been caught in the piers by the recent flooding”.

Mr Connors says Saturday’s work should remove the majority of the debris and alleviate most of the pressure off of the bridge piers. The NZTA is aware of the inconvenience to the local community following the extended closure of the bridge earlier this month, and asks for their patience while this work is undertaken to reduce the risk of further flood damage to the bridges.