Gum trees being removed Christchurch’s Northern Arterial/Dickeys Road this weekend due to safety concerns


The NZ Transport Agency’s contracting crew will be removing two large gum trees, (Tasmanian Blue Gum) in the median area of the Northern Motorway near the Dickeys Road/ Main North Road intersection this weekend.

“We need to remove these trees because they have been identified in a safety audit as unsafe,” said Colin Knaggs, Highway Manager. “Firstly they are restricting the view of drivers using the Dickeys Road/ Main North Road intersection and secondly they have a tendency to drop limbs in high winds. They are now of a size where a dropped limb could be very serious.”

This work will be done overnight on Saturday night/Sunday morning and Sunday night/Monday morning from 7.30pm to 6am.

It will require significant traffic management, so drivers should be prepared for possible delays.

Traffic will be reduced to one lane on Main North Road, the Northern Motorway and Dickeys Road. However, for short periods (maximum five minutes) manned Stop/Go signs will be used to close the area while sections of the trees are dropped and cleared.

Normal road use will resume during the day.

More trees will be planted in this area as part of the landscaping for the Western Belfast Bypass Project.