Hanmer Springs Road, Waiau River/ Ferry Bluffs: Three months rock wall work starts Tuesday, 6 June


People who drive to and from Hanmer Springs will need to build in extra time over the coming three months, June to August, as rock stabilization work gets underway near the Ferry Bridge over the Waiau River.

Rocks fell in this area during the Kaikoura/ Waiau earthquakes and after the recent heavy rain and some emergency remedial work has already taken place to make the road safe in the short term.

A one-lane closure along a section of Hanmer Springs Road, State Highway 7A, will be in place for the three months, says North Canterbury Transport Infrastructure Recovery Journey Manager Tresca Forrester.

Repair work will start on Tuesday, 6 June. North Canterbury Transport Infrastructure Recovery crews will be scaling the rock wall during the first four weeks of June (removing loose rocks using abseilers), followed by rock bolting and finally hanging mesh to contain any future rock falls close to the rock wall, away from the road to protect  road users.

Please build in time, delays

Work hours are 7am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday. A Stop/ Go traffic system will be in place with delays up to 25 minutes, at some times. At night and on Sundays, traffic will be controlled by traffic lights to allow two-way traffic.

“The crews are working on a long-term solution for this section of Hanmer Springs Road. The safety of all road users is at the forefront of our efforts and we appreciate everyone’s patience while this work is underway,” says Ms Forrester.

The Waiau River near Hanmer Springs

The Waiau River near Hanmer Springs