Large loads coming through Lyttelton Tunnel overnight this weekend


The NZ Transport Agency is advising everyone who uses the Lyttelton Tunnel to anticipate five minute delays this weekend for Lyttelton-bound traffic over two or possibly three nights.

Oversized loads will be coming through the tunnel over the weekend nights, requiring the full tunnel width to get each convoy of trucks through. Traffic heading towards the city from Lyttelton should not be delayed. This is the second convoy of trucks, two weekends in a row.

“Thanks to all drivers who may have short waits at the Heathcote side of the tunnel for being patient,” says Transport Agency Journey Manager Lee Wright.

Fuel tankers, which also create short delays for drivers, will continue to use the tunnel at night also from 7 pm.

The times are:

  • Friday, 21 April, 11 pm to Saturday, 22 April, 7.30 am. 
  • Saturday, 22 April, 11 pm to Sunday, 23 April, 9 am.
  • Back-up night (ie may not be required): Sunday, 23 April, 11 pm to Monday, 24 April, 5 am.

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