Latest dates for State Highway 2 Remutaka Hill planned maintenance closures are out


If you are a regular user of State Highway 2, Remutaka Hill, then you need to add some new and important dates to your diaries and planners.

Mark Owen, Regional Manager Maintenance and Operations, says it’s essential frequent and daily users of the route know well in advance when night-time maintenance closures are planned.

“This is why we’re trying to give people as much notice as possible on what is planned between July and December this year. We know the impact a full closure of a state highway can have. So, the sooner the public knows the dates, the more time they have to plan for them.”

State Highway 2, Remutaka Hill Closure Dates. July-December 2023

Nights Closed

Start 9 pm

Finish 4 am


Sunday, 13 August

Monday, 14 August


Sunday, 3 September

Friday, 8 September


Sunday, 15 October

Monday, 16 October


Sunday, 5 November

Friday, 10 November

Mr Owen says every effort has been made to make the coming closure periods consistent with those used in the past.

“We’ve also planned them as best we can to avoid known dates for major events – like sports fixtures and big concerts. It’s vital we keep the hill open for those attending them. We are working on dates for January 2024 through to June 2024 and will get them to the public later this year.”

Mr Owen says the closures are essential for keeping a vital state highway link open. “The Remutaka Hill route is a vital transport link between Wellington and Wairarapa. While these night closures can be frustrating for drivers, the maintenance work significantly reduces the danger of bigger failures and even more inconvenience for road users.”

Important information for Remutaka Hill closures:

  • Escorted crossings are available during closure nights but must be booked in advance. We always communicate well before planned closures and provide contact details so bookings can be made.
  • Bookings are essential - drivers who turn up without one risk being turned away.
  • The escorted crossings are for light vehicles only. To keep our contractors safe, heavy vehicles can’t be accommodated.
  • Full access is always available for emergency services.

Full closures allow road crews to work more efficiently and complete repairs faster. It is also much safer – some maintenance work requires large machinery that uses most of the road area.

More information about planned maintenance closures for Remutaka Hill can be found on our website: