UPDATE: Lights on at Bayfair roundabout


Change of date due to the weather.

Update 31 October 2023 10:59 am

Due to the weather, turning on the traffic signals at Bayfair roundabout is delayed and will now be operational on Friday 3 November (not Thursday 2 November as previously stated). Pedestrians will use the underpass until Monday, then the underpass will be temporarily closed and they will need to cross at street-level. 

This updates the media release below.

26 October 2023 10:31 am

It’s a green light for the Bayfair roundabout – with new lanes and new traffic lights signalling a smoother flow of traffic through the area.

The new signalised Bayfair roundabout (artist impression).

Jo Wilton, Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency Regional Manager Infrastructure Delivery Waikato/Bay of Plenty, is looking forward to the new signalised roundabout providing safer local connections from mid-October.

“We want to make urban walking and cycling a safer, more reliable transport option so that more locals and visitors can choose to get about by bike,” says Ms Wilton.

“With the new traffic signals at the Bayfair roundabout, the new walking and cycling route through the roundabout becomes available which will provide a safe local connection between Matapihi and Arataki.

“While signalised roundabouts aren’t that common, for people driving, using the roundabout will be just like any signalised intersection where a prepared driver ensures they are in the correct lane and then follows the red to green light phase.

“Drivers need to make sure they think ahead and choose the correct lane early as they approach the roundabout to avoid last minute lane changes. Once they get used to selecting the correct lane this will lead to smoother traffic flows.

“The signals and the new lanes will be a major change for all road users, making it even more important to be patient with other drivers and people walking and cycling. People should expect an increased number of people walking and cycling through the area, especially with the pedestrian underpass temporarily closing until project completion.

“Immediately following the temporary closure of the underpass, safety escorts will be located at all crossing points during the day to assist people walking and cycling to safely use the new, signposted routes.

“We’re expecting a period of adjustment for people as they become familiar with the new lanes and traffic signals. People will soon realise navigating the new signalised roundabout is easy, but from a safety point of view, they will need to travel carefully until they become used to the new traffic signals and lanes.

“These are significant changes for all road users that will require everyone to navigate the new roundabout with caution, observe the traffic signals and be ready to stop if needed to allow for the safe crossing of drivers, pedestrians and cyclists.”

Key changes for road users

  • The new roundabout will feature traffic signals on all approaches and return to two lanes.
  • Signalised pedestrian crossings will be available at ground level on Maunganui Road, Girven Road, Matapihi Road and Owens Place to travel between Matapihi and Arataki.
  • The walking and cycling route across Maunganui Road will be through the middle of the roundabout, with the ability to cross the road at signalised crossings. Cyclists will be able to choose between using the off-road or on-road facilities when moving through the roundabout.
  • Immediately following the temporary closure of the underpass, safety escorts will be located at all crossing points during the day to assist people walking and cycling to safely use the new, signposted routes.
  • The walking and cycling paths’ locations have been selected so that they can link with Tauranga City Council’s existing walking and cycling network.
  • The pedestrian underpass will temporarily close following the traffic switch until late 2023 for finishing works.
  • SH2 road users travelling between Mount Maunganui, the port or the city centre and Pāpāmoa/Tauranga Eastern Link are encouraged to use the Bayfair flyover to bypass the roundabout.
  • A free left turn will apply from Matapihi Road into Owens Place, unless road users are required to give way to pedestrians or cyclists using the pedestrian crossing.
  • Vehicles over 12 metres will be able to turn left from Matapihi Road onto Maunganui Road.
  • A temporary speed limit of 50km/h will apply around the Bayfair roundabout and on all adjacent roads.
  • New lanes approaching the roundabout: 
    • The Girven Road and the two Maunganui Road approaches now have three lanes.
    • The Matapihi Road approach has two lanes.
    • The roundabout features two lanes.
  • Overnight road and lane closures will be in place in the lead up to the traffic switch.

“For people travelling through the roundabout we’re expecting traffic to be slower, but safer and better managed which will improve overall traffic flow. Overall travel times may increase slightly following the initial period of adjustment for road users,” says Ms Wilton.

“While this traffic switch will move the Bayfair end of the Bay Link project into its permanent alignment, construction in the area will continue, including on overhead signage and underpass finishing works.

“While there’s further work required that needs to take place at the roundabout from now until opening date, we want people travelling through the area to be aware of the upcoming changes.

“Once open, the roundabout will remain under temporary traffic management and people are asked to take extra care when travelling through the area while everyone gets used to the new lane layout and the traffic signals, especially during morning and evening peak times. Delays are to be expected.

Road and lane closures for traffic switch

The signalised Bayfair roundabout is currently expected to activate from early morning on Thursday 2 November, and the pedestrian underpass to close from Monday 6 November.

From Sunday 29 October to Friday 3 November, lane closures around the Bayfair roundabout will apply between 7pm and 6am each night. Closures will vary night to night, depending on site requirements and progress. People are asked to allow extra time, follow signposted detours and drive with caution through the project site. To minimise impact, works are undertaken at night where possible with the aim to minimise disruption to people travelling through the area.

The latest lane closures can be found at:

nzta.govt.nz/baylink-traffic(external link)

Waka Kotahi thanks drivers, local residents and business for their patience.

For more information, visit:

nzta.govt.nz/bayfairroundabout(external link)

Roundabout animation

Before and current aerial photos

Before: Bayfair roundabout - September 2017.


After: Bayfair roundabout and flyover, separating local from state highway traffic in October 2023.