Median barriers making State Highway 2 Upper Hutt safer


Good progress is being made in installing new safety improvements along State Highway 2, Upper Hutt, with 1.5 kilometres of new median barriers now in place between Whakatiki and Gibbons Streets.

The work is part of Upper Hutt's wider Ngauranga and Featherston project, which aims to make this stretch of State Highway 2 safer for all road users. Four kilometres of median barriers are being installed between the Whakatiki Street and Fergusson Drive intersections.

Image: Median barriers installed on SH2, Upper Hutt

Jetesh Bhula, Waka Kotahi Regional Manager Infrastructure Delivery, says the improvements are essential for getting people around local roads safely. 

"We understand people make driving mistakes, and we're aiming to make the roading network as safe as possible. The barriers proposed in this project continue the flexible road safety barriers located south of Whakatiki Street," Mr Bhula says. 

Since 2004, there have been 406 crashes between Whakatiki Street and Fergusson Drive with varying degrees of severity. Of these, nine were head-on crashes.

"Many factors go into the decision-making behind our projects, including those that focus on median barriers. While this is just a start, we hope these safety improvements and others along State Highway 2 will make it far less likely for people to be killed or seriously injured if they are involved in a crash," Mr Bhula says. 

Along with the median barriers, more than 190 metres of additional side barriers are being built at intersections along the highway corridor. 

Wayne Guppy, Mayor of Upper Hutt, is endorsing the project and the benefits it will bring.

"These safety improvements are good to see. The road was never meant to cope with the traffic levels we see today. This investment is a good thing and will make this stretch of state highway safer for everyone. 

"I'm looking forward to seeing continued investment in making our roads safer. Please continue to be patient as this work progresses," Mayor Guppy says. 

Mr Bhula says median barrier works will continue between Gibbons Street and Tōtara Park Road over the coming weeks. Preparation work is needed before they are installed towards Fergusson Drive. 

And he acknowledges that the work has been disruptive at times.

"Please know we are working as quickly as possible to complete this work. We thank everyone for their patience as we make this corridor safer for all the community," he adds. 

More details about these works can be found on the Waka Kotahi website: