Motorcycle tolls take effect from next week


The NZ Transport Agency is reminding motorcyclists using the Northern Gateway Toll Road on State Highway 1 north of Auckland that they will be tolled from next Tuesday, 1 June.

The toll will be $2 per trip, the same tariff that applies to cars and other light vehicles (heavy vehicles over 3.5 tonnes pay $4 per trip). 

When the toll road opened in January, 2009, the toll for motorcycles was set at zero pending a review of an appropriate tariff. Public consultations on the issue were held in late 2009 before the NZTA Board approved the $2 tariff earlier this year.

NZTA Regional Director for Auckland and Northland, Wayne McDonald, says tolling motorcycles is a matter of fairness.

“Toll revenue is used to repay the debt raised to build the highway early, and motorcyclists receive similar benefits from using the toll road as other motorists in terms of time savings and safer journeys. Introducing a toll that is the same as that for cars will be fairer for everyone.”

Mr McDonald says motorcyclists, like all other road users, also have the choice of using free alternative routes along the Hibiscus Coast Highway through Orewa or SH16 between Helensville and Wellsford. 

The number of motorcycle trips on the Northern Gateway Toll Road from its opening until 31 December 2009 was 51,000, representing just over one percent of all trips on the highway.