New interactive map to help explore Aotearoa by bike


Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency has developed an interactive cycle route map that shows how the cycling network connects across New Zealand, to help people explore the country by bike.

The interactive map consists of three parts: The New Zealand Cycle Trail’s 22 Great Rides which are mainly off-road, Heartland Rides which allow people to explore scenic back roads while enjoying stunning scenery and local hospitality, as well as council cycling infrastructure (cycle lanes, cycle paths, shared paths, etc).

It is the most comprehensive map available of cycling routes in New Zealand as it gives an overview to show how they all connect.

“The new map makes it easy for people to see how the network connects so they can choose a cycling route that will be the most enjoyable option to suit their needs,” says Robyn Elston, Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency Senior Manager, System Design.

Map users can click on a route to access a summary of the route in terms of trail type, grade, traffic volume and speed. This allows people to determine if a ride is right for them. The summary will also include a link to more information (where available) about the route on existing websites such as the New Zealand Cycle Trail.

This mapping tool has two ‘themes’, users can switch between:

  • cycle routes grouped by category/brand eg, Great Rides, Heartland Rides, cycle lanes, etc
  • cycle Trail Facility type, that will show if a trail is fully sealed or has some unsealed portions and shows if the route is separated from traffic or not. This is useful for people planning a cycle journey if they particularly like/dislike sealed/gravel roads, or want to completely avoid traffic.

“As the Government continues to increase its investment in cycling infrastructure, we expect to see the network become more connected giving people more safe cycling options. The map will be updated over time as new cycling infrastructure is built,” Ms Elston says.

The tool

Waka Kotahi welcomes feedback on the map.

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