Night closures coming for State Highway 6 – Greymouth to Westport


With vital maintenance work planned for the Four Mile River Bridge later this month, residents and regular users of State Highway 6 between Charleston and Fox River need to be ready for night closures on the route.

Contractors will be carrying out timber baulk replacement as well as installing new running planks on the single-lane bridge, followed by a resurfacing of the bridge’s new deck.

Because of the nature of the repairs and maintenance being done and the fact the bridge is only one lane, it has to be closed while contractors complete this work.

State Highway 6 will be closed between Charleston and Fox River. Road users can travel to these points, but not beyond, while the closure is in place.

To minimise disruption for road users, the work will be done over three nights from 19 to 21 February between 10 pm and 6 am. There will be a half-hourly opening at 1 am each night to let queued traffic through. Emergency services will have full access through the site at all times.

People needing to travel between Greymouth and Westport during the closure time will have a detour route available - State Highway 6 to Inangahua, State Highway 69 to Reefton then State Highway 7 to Greymouth – This will add an extra 30 minutes to travel times.

Waka Kotahi understands road closures can be frustrating for affected residents and road users. However, the Four Mile River Bridge is a vital piece of state highway infrastructure and must be regularly maintained to keep it safe for use. We want to thank drivers for their patience and understanding while this work is done.

Closure Schedule

  • Sunday, 19 February – 10 pm to 6 am. Open 1 am to 1:30 am
  • Monday, 20 February – 10 pm to 6 am. Open 1 am to 1:30 am
  • Tuesday, 21 February – 10 pm to 6 am. Open 1 am to 1:30 am

Works Location

Detour Route