NZ Transport Agency welcomes TAIC report on train derailment


The NZ Transport Agency is welcoming today's publication of a preliminary Transport Accident Investigation Commission (TAIC) report on the derailment of a Wellington commuter train in May this year, and will work closely with KiwiRail to ensure that all of the Commission's recommendations are fully addressed to improve rail safety and reduce the likelihood of similar incidents occurring in the future.

Transport Agency Rail Safety Director Celia Patrick says the Agency has accepted the recommendations of TAIC to monitor KiwiRail's maintenance procedures in light of the May derailment.  

"We will be working closely with KiwiRail to set down a timeframe for the implementation of the recommendations, and we will be reporting back to TAIC with these following the completion of the final report."

"As a rail safety regulator, our number one priority is ensuring that rail travel is safe for passengers and rail workers, and we're committed to supporting KiwiRail in helping to ensuring people have utmost confidence in the safety of their rail services. The Transport Agency is committed to ensuring that the Commission's recommendations are fully addressed."

Ms Patrick said the Transport Agency's role as rail safety regulator in New Zealand involved approving all rail licence holders and safety standards, monitoring and enforcing operator safety performance and having oversight of findings from incident investigations.