NZ Transport Agency closing two AHB lanes for Christmas maintenance


The two lanes on the Auckland Harbour Bridge northbound box girder extension, or clip-on, will be closed by the NZ Transport Agency from Boxing Day for routine resurfacing work.

The closure will start from 5am, Monday 26 December, until Sunday 8 January 2012.  As well as the two bridge lanes, the Curran Street on-ramp and the Stafford Road off-ramp will also be closed.

During the closure, the six other traffic lanes on the harbour bridge will remain open – three in each direction.

The NZ Transport Agency’s State Highways Manager for Auckland and Northland, Tommy Parker, says resurfacing work takes place during the Christmas/New Year beak when traffic volumes are lighter and any disruption to drivers is kept to a minimum.

“The number of people using the roads during the Christmas and New Year holidays is significantly lower than any other time in the year. The roads are generally less wet over the summer months so we can get the job done in the fastest time possible, minimising the inconvenience to motorists and local residents,” Mr Parker says. 

The Auckland Harbour Bridge is one of the busiest sections of motorway in Auckland, with an average of 154,000 vehicles using it every day.  The traffic count can sometimes reach 200,000.

“The work is part of the NZTA’s ongoing maintenance that takes place every day of the year to ensure that the harbour bridge is kept in a first class and safe condition for Auckland’s communities,” says Mr Parker. 

The maintenance programme involves removing the existing surface, cleaning the deck plate under it and then laying the new surface.

Although the NZTA has timed its work to take advantage of lower traffic volumes, there could be some delays and people should allow extra time for their journey.

Wet weather or other unforeseen circumstances may postpone the work.