NZTA consulting on safer speeds on SH3 Whanganui to Westmere


Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency is reviewing speed limits on State Highway 3 between Whanganui and Westmere in an effort to save lives and prevent serious injuries from crashes along this road.

Director of Regional Relationships Emma Speight says, “We are proposing lower speed limits to make the road safer for everyone who uses it. Between 2009 and 2018, there were 21 crashes on this road. Two people died and three people were seriously injured.

“Whanganui is growing, and the way this road is used has changed. It’s a residential area with more development planned. The current speeds are no longer safe or right for the road. We know the intersection at Rapanui Road is a concern for many people.”

Speed increases both the likelihood of crashes and the severity of crashes when they happen. A small reduction in speed can make a big difference, especially when cyclists or pedestrians are involved. Most crashes are caused by a number of factors, but even when it’s not the cause of a crash, speed is most likely to determine whether anyone is killed, injured, or walks away unharmed.

After reviewing the speeds that people are travelling as well as the roads themselves, the Transport Agency is proposing the following:

  • Change the existing 70km/h speed limit to 50km/h through Virginia Heights, from 30m south of Turere Place/Great North Road (SH3) intersection to 200m north of Tirimoana Place/Great North Road (SH3) intersection.
  • Change the existing speed limit from 100km/h to 80km/h north of Tirimoana Place/Great North Road (SH3) intersection from the north end of the Blue Skin Road/Great North Road (SH3) intersection.

The Transport Agency is now formally asking for submissions from stakeholders and the public about the above proposed speed limit changes.

“Before we make a decision, we want to hear from people who live along this road or use it. The community has already been instrumental in getting us to this point, with local residents calling for speeds to be reduced.

“We’d like to thank them for their advocacy and encourage people to have their say on what’ve proposed and let us know if there is anything else we should consider when making a decision.”

Formal consultation on proposed speed limit changes is open from 15 November and closes on 16 December 2019.

You can find out more and make a submission at

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