NZTA urges drivers to plan ahead as it extends Maioro St closure


The NZ Transport Agency reminds Auckland drivers that the State Highway 20 Maioro Street closure in New Windsor will be extended 1.2 kilometres down the Southwestern Motorway (SH20) to the Dominion Road interchange this weekend.

The Sandringham Road roundabout will be closed and all northbound traffic will leave the motorway at Dominion Road.  Dominion Road will also be the entry point for people driving south to Auckland International Airport, Manukau and beyond.

The extended closure begins after the afternoon peak tomorrow (Friday, 29) July and will be lifted before next Monday morning’s peak when drivers will be able to use Sandringham Road again.  Maioro Street remains closed.  

“The Maioro Street closure has been working well thanks to the great response we have had from the local community and from drivers,” says the NZTA’s State Highways Manager for Auckland and Northland, Tommy Parker.  “We appreciate the care and patience shown by drivers since we closed this busy link a week ago to accelerate important work there.”

This weekend’s extended closure will enable the NZTA and its contractors (Fletcher Construction) to undertake work on a new motorway on-ramp from Maioro Street over Sandringham Road. Drivers have the choice of using Dominion Road, Hillsborough Road or Queenstown road as alternative routes.

 Mr Parker says the closure faces another test next week when traffic volumes increased as children return to school after their holidays.

“We advise drivers to continue to plan ahead and use alternative routes - there will be more traffic on the roads. As schools go back on Monday we remind people of the need to allow plenty of extra time to get their destinations on time and safely. There will be staff on duty in the Maioro Street area to ensure as many drivers as possible are aware of the closure.” says Mr Parker.

The NZTA has been progressing well on a four-week programme of work, and it remains on track to open a new interchange layout on Sunday night 21 August.

“I want Auckland to be assured we are doing everything we can to get this important work done as quickly as we possibly can,” Mr Parker says.

Maioro Street is closed between Sandringham Road and Richardson Road so that the NZTA can accelerate construction of a new motorway interchange and a new Maioro Street and Richardson Road intersection.

Walkers and cyclists, particularly those who access the Ernie Pinches Street footbridge from Maioro Street, are also be affected by the closure.   For the next three weeks, they will have to access the footbridge from Richardson Road and Malcolm Street. The pedestrian crossing on the southern section of the Richardson Road/Maioro Street intersection will be removed to help manage traffic during the closure. All other foot and cycle access at the intersection remains in use.

The Maioro Street Interchange marks the southern entrance for the Waterview Connection project joining the Southwestern and Northwestern (SH16) motorways.  Waterview, which will be the country’s biggest roading project to date, helps complete the Western Ring Route road of national significance which will promote economic growth and jobs in the Auckland region and reduce dependency on SH1 and the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

“The four week closure allows us to deliver the benefits of the interchange a lot earlier than originally planned,” says Mr Parker.  “The project -  with its new half diamond interchange, two new bridges and new motorway on and off ramps - will be open again before the end of August and fully complete before Christmas - three months ahead schedule.”

Mr Parker says the NZTA will continue to monitor the closure and will make changes to its plan to manage traffic flows if they are required. 

For more information on the closure people can contact 09 620 5301, email  or visit: link).

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