NZTA urging drivers to keep on top of new rules as ad campaign concludes


The NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) is urging Kiwi motorists to stay on top of the new give way rules at intersections, with the agency's national advertising campaign promoting the rule changes wrapping up earlier this week.

NZTA Chief Executive Geoff Dangerfield said while it was still early days, the agency was very pleased with the way drivers had responded to the changes.

“For the most part we’ve seen a real outbreak of patience, caution and courtesy on the roads. Generally speaking drivers are applying the new rules carefully and New Zealand deserves a pat on the back for that. It’s exactly what we need while these changes bed in.”

Mr Dangerfield said the agency’s ‘short and sharp’ national advertising campaign concluded earlier this week, but detailed information on the changes would remain available on-line at (external link)

“The rule changes are at the front and centre of people’s minds at the moment, and the challenge for all drivers is to stay vigilant at intersections in the weeks and months ahead and avoid slipping back into old habits.

“It will take some time before the new rules become second-nature, but based on the great response from drivers over the first ten days we’re optimistic that things can continue to go smoothly,”

The NZTA is also reminding drivers to continue applying other road rules as normal, including obeying all signs and signals and giving way to all vehicles on your right at roundabouts.

Information on the two new rules and resources to help people learn them are available at (external link). This includes an interactive quiz, a computer 'drive through' animation illustrating how the two new rules will work, the TV ads, and resources in multiple languages.