NZTA urging Kiwis to Go By Bike tomorrow


Thousands of Kiwis across the country will be getting on their bikes tomorrow (Wednesday February 13) for Go By Bike Day, part of Bike Wise Month, New Zealand's annual celebration of cycling.

A series of Go By Bike Day events will be held tomorrow in towns and cities across New Zealand with many providing free breakfast for anyone who arrives on a bike. Last year more than 54,000 New Zealanders took part in Bike Wise events, with similar numbers expected this year.

NZTA’s Network User Behaviour Manager Jennie Gianotti says that Go By Bike Day is a fun and popular event that encourages Kiwis to get out on their bikes again after the festive season and while the weather is great. The events are suitable for everyone with a roadworthy bike and helmet, whether they are a cycling veteran or straight off training wheels.

"Go By Bike Day is all about encouraging people across the country to give cycling a go to see how fun and easy it can be, while realising all the benefits cycling can offer," she says.

"Go By Bike Day is the perfect opportunity to either give cycling a go or rekindle that relationship with your bike."

Bike Wise Month

February is Bike Wise Month, New Zealand’s annual celebration of cycling, which sees hundreds of events held around the country during February.

Run by the NZ Transport Agency, the Bike Wise programme aims to encourage more Kiwis to get on their bikes, whether it be to enjoy the outdoors, spend time with the family, or discover a new sport, all while boosting their health and fitness. The programme also aims to ensure Kiwi s have roadworthy bikes, wear approved helmets and share the road safely with other road users.

With thousands of events being held during Bike Wise Month, there is an event to suit every age, ability and location. If you have access to a safe working bike, then you can take part in Bike Wise Month.

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Reasons to ride

It’s good for your body! Did you know a 30 minute bike ride at moderate intensity can burn approximately 300 calories? That’s about the same as burning off a regular sized chocolate bar! Do that daily and you can cover the average adult’s recommended daily exercise requirement.

It’s good for your brain! Research by the University of California has shown aerobic activity actually helps to grow new brain cells in the hippocampus – the part of the brain responsible for memory.

It’s good for business! An Australian trial showed employees who exercise regularly were more productive, felt more alert and were less stressed in their jobs.

It’s good for the pocket! No more parking meters or petrol pumps. A third of vehicle trips in New Zealand are over distances of less than five kilometres – easily covered by bike.