Onehunga work to resume


NZTA will resume preparations for motorway widening across the Onehunga causeway tomorrow (Thursday 2 April).

NZTA will resume preparations for motorway widening across the Onehunga causeway tomorrow (Thursday 2 April).

Auckland Regional Director of NZTA, Wayne McDonald, says the work will not preclude any foreshore restoration or reclamation agreed to between Auckland City Council and The Onehunga Enhancement Society.

“We believe we have done everything possible to broker an agreement on long-term restoration plans for the Onehunga foreshore, and welcome Auckland City Council’s decision today to lead the project. Now we must get on with tree clearing and earthworks in preparation for the widening to ensure they can be completed before the end of the current construction season. The completion of these works is vital if we are to keep the SH20 Manukau Harbour Crossing project on its critical path and have it completed in time for the 2011 Rugby World Cup”.

The NZTA is making $18 million available for restoration of the Onehunga foreshore, in particular to restore the Onehunga community’s connection to the foreshore via a new motorway overbridge.

It agreed last year to delay any start to work across the causeway while consultation was underway with the Auckland City and Regional Councils and The Onehunga Enhancement Society on the future plans for the foreshore.

It then agreed to further delay work to allow last weekend’s Onehunga Festival to go ahead unimpeded by earthworks.

Based on historic weather figures there are approximately 15 days left of the current construction season to complete earthworks in time to allow the motorway lanes to be built over the winter.

Before the earthworks can begin, the contractors need to clear vegetation, build bunds and prepare to plant to screen the motorway from the Onehunga Bay Reserve.

The NZTA’s contractors will also build a new footpath around the outside of the Onehunga Lagoon as part of the motorway enhancement plans agreed with Auckland City Council.

The drainage and landscaping plans for the causeway area will considerably increase the quality of stormwater entering the Manukau Harbour and also increase the number and quality of trees between the motorway and the Onehunga Bay Reserve.

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