Our results and insights report for the third quarter


We’re on track to meet most of our 2013/14 performance targets.


The five priorities for 2013 to 2016 are aimed at helping the Transport Agency achieve its long term goals and create transport solutions for a thriving New Zealand.

‘Moving more freight on fewer trucks’ priority is part of broader programme of work underway by the Transport Agency to ‘improve freight supply chain efficiency’ (Objective 3 in our Statement of Intent).

Over the quarter we have continued to make substantial progress in rolling out our 50MAX initiative (50 tonne trucks that can access area-wide networks), with 80% of local authorities engaged in the process to roll-out the initiative and 50% now signed up to allow access for 50MAX vehicles. Since the beginning of this financial year have issued approximately 2,800 over-mass permits, 920 over-length permits and 650 50MAX permits. We are now issuing 50MAX permits within 2 working days of application.

Although we have significantly improved permit times for many of the more complex HPMV permits for 62 tonne vehicles that require specific route and structure analysis, we are unlikely to meet our ambitious target of a five day processing time before the end of this year. 

Further Reading:
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