Public comment invited on changes to Traffic Control Devices Rule


The NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) is calling for submissions on proposed changes to the legal requirements for some traffic control devices.

Traffic control devices are signs, markings, signals, islands and other devices placed on or adjacent to roads, footpaths and cycle paths that are used to instruct, warn, guide or advise road users.

The draft Land Transport Rule: Traffic Control Devices Amendment [2010] would allow councils, as road controlling authorities, to take advantage of a wider range of traffic control devices to implement, improve or maintain safe and efficient traffic management. 

The proposed changes to the Rule will also ensure that Land Transport Rule: Traffic Control Devices 2004 is consistent with the Land Transport (Road User) Rule 2004 and other legislation, update engineering practice and allow the use of some new technologies.

One of the main proposed changes is a new regime for defining parking zones, reducing the number of signs required to indicate parking restrictions.

Reducing the number of signs will help reduce costs and should provide greater clarity for road users. Also, within business districts there is an increasing need for a parking space to have multiple uses throughout the week and for this reason the proposed change will enable greater flexibility for how parking signs display the relevant information.

The draft amendment Rule also includes the following proposals:

  • Changing the existing descriptions of parking signs. The proposed new format will provide more flexibility and support changes to the new zone parking regime
  • Amending some existing provisions for traffic signals
  • Allowing the installation of countdown pedestrian signals and on-roadway warning lights, and permit the relocation of some pedestrian signal displays at certain pedestrian crossings.

Public submissions on the draft Rule close on Wednesday 19 May 2010.