REMINDER: Power line works mean brief closures needed at State Highway 1, Grassmere


Brief closures of State Highway 1 are planned when Marlborough Lines replaces power poles and electricity lines at Lake Grassmere next week.

The lines company will carry out upgrades and improvements adjacent to State Highway 1 from Kaparu Road/Grassmere Road to Marfells Beach Road on 5 and 7 March.

Because the power lines cross the state highway at three separate locations in the project area, a series of brief road closures will be necessary to ensure drivers are kept safe when the old power lines are removed and replaced.

These closures, which are expected to create 30-minute traffic delays, are scheduled to happen between 9 am and 3 pm on March 5 and 7.

There are no local road detours available.

Drivers travelling on State Highway 1 between Blenheim and Kaikoura must be aware of this work, and also ongoing State Highway maintenance work around Seddon. The Seddon works are ongoing until 15 March

Summer maintenance works for State Highway 1 Seddon(external link)

Drivers can expect short travel delays from these roadworks and it is essential they factor them into their travel plans. This is especially important for people with ferry connections in Picton.