Reports in NZ Herald about East West project are incorrect


The NZ Transport Agency says a story published by the NZ Herald earlier today (1 August) about the East West Link project is incorrect. The NZ Herald has since corrected the story.

The Transport Agency has no intention of bulldozing or undoing any of the work it recently completed as part of the regenerated and developed Onehunga Foreshore.

The East West Link will provide a variety of positive outcomes for the environment and local communities and media reports this morning suggesting the waterfront development which was opened in November last year is going to be affected by the East West project are inaccurate.

The Transport Agency’s East West project is to the east of the recently opened foreshore area and the design plans for this project have been and continue to be developed alongside Auckland Council, Panuku Development Auckland, the community and stakeholders.

“As well as transport improvements this project will help enhance important features in the area including the foreshore and help clean up environmental pollution that is a century old,” says Brett Gliddon the Transport Agency’s Auckland Highway Manager.

“The aim of the project is to make this special area more accessible, safer and more pleasant, by moving most truck and other through traffic off the overloaded local streets. The new link road will also significantly improve access to the foreshore through more connections and new walking and cycling paths, and is a major opportunity to improve the quality of run off into the harbour.”

“The East West project will not undo any of the work that the Transport Agency funded and is proud to have helped complete in November last year to reconnect the Onehunga community with the foreshore again.”

“Many of the community facilities that are part of the $30m Onehunga Foreshore development will in fact be replicated further east along the Harbour as part of the East West project,” says Mr Gliddon.

The Transport Agency is working closely with Auckland Council and Panuku Development Auckland to provide improved access to the port area, the project will not block access.

“Rather than hindering any future development, the design of the upgraded interchange at State Highway 20 enables development on the Onehunga Wharf to take place and provide access between the wharf, the town centre and the railway station.”

“Providing this access has always been part of the project plans. We are committed to and will continue to work closely with Panuku Development Auckland to progress a design which enhances access to the wharf, enables future development and considers the physical and visual impacts on the surrounding environment.”