Resealing work for Mount Messenger starts Tuesday 21 March


The NZ Transport Agency is advising that road works are planned for the New Plymouth side of State Highway 3 leading to Mount Messenger on Tuesday 21 March.

“This resealing work is dependent on dry conditions. We have already had to reschedule this work several times as we need two to three warm and dry days in a row. We are hoping that the fine weather will continue so we do not have to reschedule this work again,” Ross I’Anson, Highway Manager, NZ Transport Agency says.

To enable contractors to work safely, there will be stop/go temporary traffic management from 7am to 6pm and a temporary speed limit of 30km/h through the work site.

“We know that State Highway 3 is an important route in and out of New Plymouth. At times during the work, there may be some delays and we appreciate people’s patience while we undertake this necessary maintenance work,” Mr I’Anson says.

“We advise people to plan ahead, and factor a short delay into their journey time. Electronic signs in the lead-up to the work sites will provide information to road users, and people can also keep up to date by calling 0800 44 44 49 (0800 4 highways), visiting link), link) or link).”

“Resealing the road is part of our standard maintenance work this time of the year. The warmer months are the best time of year for maintenance and repairs. This is because when the weather is warmer and the air is drier, the seal sticks more effectively to the road surface.  Regularly resealing roads makes them safer to drive on,” Mr I’Anson says.