Safety improvements for St Lukes cycleway


Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency is delighted to confirm that construction of safety improvements on part of the St Lukes cycleway near the north-western cycleway crossing on St Lukes Road will start early next year.

A contract to build these safety improvements, which includes four raised crossings, has been awarded to CLL with work beginning in January and expected to take around two months.

The NZ Transport Agency has worked with Auckland Transport and Bike Auckland to develop a design that improves safety for people on foot and on bikes connecting between the local cycle network, schools and community facilities such as the local parks and reserves.

Raised crossings are a Safe System* improvement that make it safer for people on foot and on bikes. The Transport Agency is committed to the Safe System approach.

NZ Transport Agency Director of Regional Relationships, Steve Mutton, says these upgrades form a missing link in the cycle network, safely connecting St Lukes Road to the north-western cycleway and Great North Road, and to places like the Auckland Zoo, MOTAT, Western Springs Park and Western Springs College. They also deliver a safer west-east crossing for north-western cycleway users.

“Safety for all road users, including people on foot on and bikes, is a priority for the Transport Agency. These upgrades will significantly improve safety at this busy intersection, as well as the Duncan MacLean intersection, by slowing traffic down.”

“This project is a good example of how the Transport Agency works with our partners, stakeholders and the community to design the transport network to make a safer environment for all road users.”

Bike Auckland’s infrastructure liaison Max Robitzsch welcomes the upgrades.

“The Northwestern Cycleway is one of the city’s fastest growing bike routes, with ridership doubling in the last four years, to 1,300 daily trips at the height of last summer and up to 1,000 daily trips even in winter. In turn, bike traffic is up 50% on St Lukes Road since protective barriers were added to the painted lanes two years ago, showing that if you give people safe spaces to ride, they will enthusiastically do so. “

“The raised crossings will ensure that the safety and continuity of these protected routes is not lost at road crossings, thus encouraging a growing number of Aucklanders of all ages to walk, bike and scoot through here every day.”

Improvements also include a Copenhagen-style raised bike lane southbound from the overbridge to Duncan MacLean Link, cycle phasing at the controlled crossings, extending the traffic island by the westbound motorway off-ramp, and improved lighting. These safety improvements will allow the eastern lane of the St Lukes overbridge, closed two years ago due to safety concerns, to be reopened to cars.

As with all new road safety interventions, the Transport Agency will be monitoring the impact of these raised crossings for possible future interventions at other motorway on-ramps and off-ramps.

Construction will be timed to minimise disruption to the network, but some temporary road closures and diversions on the local roads and state highway (and off-ramps) will be necessary. The Transport Agency will keep people updated about the traffic management plans for this project to help people plan their journey.

*Note to editor: The Safe System approach aims for a more forgiving road system that takes human fallibility and vulnerability into account. Under a Safe System the Transport Agency designs the whole transport system to protect people from death and serious injury. link)

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