SH23 Raglan Deviation Passing Lane Change


The NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) advises that the road layout will be changing later this week on the western side of the State Highway 23 Raglan Deviation.

The existing eastbound passing lane is being removed and will be replaced with a slow vehicle bay. Once completed, the former right-hand passing lane will become the main up-hill lane, and the former left-hand slow lane will become a slow vehicle bay for trucks, caravans and other slower moving vehicles. The new slow vehicle bay is also a bit shorter than the current passing lane, and will enable traffic to merge on a straight section of highway rather than on a curve.

NZTA State Highway Manager Kaye Clark says the NZTA has taken the opportunity to improve the road layout as part of a larger resurfacing project currently being carried out on this section of SH23.

Mrs Clark says, “Recent traffic data and feedback from the travelling public has suggested that the new road layout will improve safety for all vehicles. Wherever possible we take the opportunity to incorporate safety improvements in our routine maintenance works and we are very pleased to have been able to do that here.”

Motorists should use the slow-vehicle bay if they are travelling at a speed that is holding up traffic travelling at normal speed behind them.

The NZTA encourages motorists to be aware of the road layout change and to take particular care at the point where the two lanes merge.