Speed Limit Changes to make Central Otago highways safer


The NZ Transport Agency is urging motorists to watch for speed limit changes on Central Otago Highways that will kick-in from the end of this month.

These changes have been through all the formal approval processes and take effect once the new speed limit signs are erected.

NZ Transport Agency Central Otago Area Manager John Jarvis says that one of the goals of the NZ Transport Agency is to provide transport users with positive travel experiences that are increasingly safer and these speed limit changes are an important step in this direction. They have come about following consultation involving the Police, AA, and Local Authorities and are part of NZ Transport Agency’s “Safer Journeys Strategy.”

“An integral part of this Strategy is a “Safe systems” approach. This includes safe speeds that are appropriate for the function and level of safety on a particular road that are obvious and logical to most drivers, who will increasingly travel at the speed limit for that road.”

John Jarvis says the 80km/h State highway 8 Cromwell intersection will be made permanent. There will be further consultation on the speed limits for the State highway 6 leg at the other end of State highway 8B near Cromwell and on State highway 85 though Oamakau.

Other state highway speed limit changes in Central Otago from this month include:

  • Stage highway 6 Albert Town to Mt Iron intersection reduces from 100km/h to 80km/h
  • Arrow Junction on State highway 6 between the Crown Range Road to McDonnell Road drops from 100km/h to 80km/h.
  • State highway 8 at Millers Flat that goes from 100km/h down to 80km/h for an 800m section through the intersection to the bridge.
  • State highway 85 at Lauder will be reduced from 100km/h to 80km/h for an 800m section through the township.
  • State highway 85 on the approach to Alexandra will have an extended 50km/h and adjustments to the current start of the 70km/h area.

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