Traffic to start using new Haywards Interchange from this weekend


Traffic on State Highway 2 and State Highway 58 will start using the new Haywards Interchange from this weekend.

The $43 million project is now due for completion in July after wet weather delayed some sealing and marking activities. In order to finish the last stages of construction, motorists will be moved onto the new layout on Saturday or Sunday, depending on weather conditions.

NZ Transport Agency Highway Manager Neil Walker says people getting on and off State Highway 58 will notice the biggest difference.

“The interchange will function in a similar way to those at Dowse and Mungavin, with those wanting to change from State Highway 2 to State Highway 58, or from 58 to 2 needing to use the on and off ramps.”

The main change people driving straight through on State Highway 2 will notice is there will be no more traffic signals.

“While the interchange layout is new, please be patient. There’ll be plenty of signage to guide you and a lower speed limit will be in place to allow everyone to get used to the new layout.”

Mr Walker says cyclists travelling through the area should use the interchange the same way they currently do at Dowse, for the moment. The separated cycle bypasses are expected to be complete in June.

The interchange will deliver a safer, more efficient transition between State Highway 2 and State Highway 58, with improved local connections for residents and users of Belmont Regional Park. It will also:

  • improve safety, efficiency and resilience
  • include separated cycle and pedestrian bypasses in both direction, eliminating the need for these users to have to interact with motorised traffic
  • provide a park and ride car park and pedestrian bridge to Manor Park railway station, giving commuters more choice as to how they travel to and from the city.

Planting, finishing the cycle bypasses, the park and ride car park and various other finishing works will take place between now and July.

For more information, please visit link), or call the project team on 0800 007 425.