Work to repair slip damage on State Highway 29 to begin


The NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) is about to begin a nine week project to shore up a bank supporting State Highway 29 at Tauriko on the outskirts of Tauranga.

To allow the contractors safe access to the work area, several temporary changes to the highway will be made. These include reducing the speed limit through the area, remarking the highway to move traffic towards the centre of the road and removing car parking in the vicinity.

Rod James, the NZTA’s Bay of Plenty State Highway Manager says several temporary patch ups have previously been carried out in this spot but it remains vulnerable. This more substantial project will provide a permanent fix.

“A retaining wall will be built to protect the highway from further risk of being undermined from slippage. It will be buried approximately three metres deep into the ground and protrude about four metres above the ground.  ‘Anchors’ up to six meters long will be pushed horizontally into the ground to hold the wall in place. It’s a complex piece of work and will involve some disruption to traffic for the duration of construction.

The NZTA is aware people use this area as a ‘park and ride’ spot.  Parking will be unavailable during the works so the NZTA recommends people park in The Lakes Area.

The NZTA thanks road users for their patience and cooperation during the works.