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Project introduction

Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency is undertaking two speed reviews in Hawke’s Bay. These are SH51 from Marine Parade to Waipatu and SH5 from Napier through to Taupō.

Engagement and consultation has now closed

Formal consultation on new speed limit proposals is required under the Land Transport Rule: Setting of Speed Limits 2017.

Land Transport Rule: Setting of Speed Limits 2017

Thank you to those of you who have made a submission on this consultation and provided information for the engagement.  We will now begin analysis of the submissions, finalise the technical assessments, and then decide on the safe and appropriate speeds on these highways. The decision will be published on our website in due course and submitters will be advised.

Submissions closed on Sunday, 6 June 2021. However, you can view what others had to say on our online interactive map.

View online feedback

  • Estimated project dates

    Apr 2021–Jan 2022
  • Project type

    Speed review

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What we know about speed

Lowering speed limits on these roads could save the life of someone you know.

On average, one person is killed, and several people are seriously injured in crashes on our roads every day. The ripple effects of these hundreds of deaths and thousands of serious injuries are traumatic for whānau, friends, communities, workplaces - and our whole country.

Speed increases both the likelihood of crashes and the severity of crashes when they happen. A small reduction in speed can make a big difference, especially when cyclists or pedestrians are involved. Most crashes are caused by a number of factors, but even when speed is not the cause of a crash, it will most likely determine whether you survive a crash or walk away unharmed.

Other work

Our priority is to make this highway safer as soon as possible so that everyone living on, and using it, can get where they are going safely.

We know speed is just one part of the puzzle and several different changes are needed to make our roads safer.

You can find out more about how we are working with the NZ Police, Ministry of Transport, local government,

WorkSafe and others to deliver Road to Zero, New Zealand’s road safety strategy

Road to Zero – NZ’s road safety strategy

Locally, on SH5 Waka Kotahi, the NZ Police and Taupō District Council have been working together on a corridor safety campaign known as Stay Alive on 5. This includes changes to Police deployment and enforcement, raising awareness of fatigue, driving to the conditions and safer speeds. There is also continuous investment in road maintenance and safety management measures.

On SH51 we implemented safety improvements north of Clive in 2020, including the removal of a passing lane, adding wide centreline, creating a new cycle path and a right turn bay into Hohepa and another into Waitangi Regional Park.

Near Hastings, the speed review also supports the Waipatu Community Plan, Hastings District Council’s speed review proposal for the side roads in this area. We’re applying the safe system approach to ensure infrastructure and speed work together to improve safety.

We know there are other changes people want to see. Lowering speeds doesn’t mean we can’t make other changes, but it is one of the best things we can do now to prevent deaths and serious injuries on these roads.

What we’re doing

From Monday 12 April – Sunday 6 June 2021, Waka Kotahi will be formally consulting on proposed speed changes on SH51 from Marine Parade to Waipatu, and on the middle section of SH5 from Rangitaiki to Esk Valley.

These sections have been chosen because communities are already calling for speeds to be lowered, and because they have a high crash risk, and we know lower speed limits save lives.

At the same time, we will also be asking for peoples’ comments on the remaining sections of SH5 including Esk Valley and the Rangitaiki Straights. In the future we may propose new speed limits here too.

What we are proposing

State Highway 51 – Consultation
Location Current speed limit (km/h) Proposed new speed limit (km/h)
Napier to Clive:
From 190m south of SH51/Marine Parade (south of the intersection) to 260m north of Farndon Road.
100 80
Clive township (southern section):
From 50m south of Mill Road to 700m south of Mill Road.
70 & 80 60
From 100m north-east of St Georges Road to 350m south-west of Elwood Road.
70 60
State Highway 5
Location Current speed limit (km/h) Proposed new speed limit (km/h)
SH5 – Rangitaiki (1160m south west of Matea Road) to Eskdale (130m west of Waipunga Road). 100 80

We also want to understand how you feel about speeds on the Rangitaiki Straights and around Eskdale to help us decide if we need to lower speeds in these areas too. Have your say on these sections.

How speed reviews work

More information about speed and how the speed review process works is available on the speed management programme webpage.

Speed management