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Research report 704 Effective alternatives to penalties for repeat driving offenders

Published: | Category: Healthy and safe people , Research programme , Research & reports

We wanted to better understand alternative ways of changing unsafe driver choices and behaviours on New Zealand roads, encouraging compliance with rules and regulations, decreasing rates of repeat offending, and ultimately reducing the number of deaths and serious injuries among road users.Some of our drivers are disproportionately impacted by the existing penalty system and inclusion of a set of complementary alternative interventions has been shown to be effective in other jurisdictions. Effective alternatives to existing driver penalties, some of which already exist in New Zealand, could be boosted to support those individuals for whom more punitive measures are not effective.

Keywords: alternative, drink, drug, fatigue, offender, mobile phone, penalties, recidivist, seatbelt, speeding


J Thomas, WSP NZ, Ahuriri, Napier
J Burton, WSP NZ, Te Awa Kairangi, Lower Hutt
F Thomas, WSP NZ, Te Awa Kairangi, Lower Hutt
B Frith, WSP NZ, Te Awa Kairangi, Lower Hutt
L Malcolm, WSP NZ, Te Awa Kairangi, Lower Hutt

Publication details

  • Published: December 2022
  • Reference: 704
  • ISBN/ISSN: 978-1-99-004496-0