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Research Report 084 Replication of VTI's stationary laser profilometer for measuring road surface profiles

Published: | Category: CAPTIF , Research & reports

The development and testing, during 1996, of a portable stationary laser profilometer and the associated analysis software is described. The instrument was developed and tested for measuring surface texture profiles of New Zealand roads to a higher resolution than is typically possible with vehicle-based systems.

The instrument is similar to that which has previously been designed and developed by the Swedish Road and Traffic Research Institute (VTI). The Transit New Zealand laser profilometer provides the facility to carry out detailed analysis of road surface texture over the wavelength range of 0.63 mm and 500 mm. The height measurement range of the equipment is to a maximum of 32 mm, and the length measurement range is to a maximum of 1.7 m.

Keywords: instruments, laser, mean profile depth, MPD, measurement, New Zealand, profile, profilometer, roads, road surface, texture

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  • Published: 1997
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